Our Projects

Al Rajef Wind Farm 86MW

41 G114 2.1MW Gamesa Wind Turbines

The Project is Located in the Al Rajef Village, 16KM south of Petra.
The project has reached financial close in October 2016 with plans to start construction early 2017 and reach to commercial operations in 2018.

Wing Turbine

Blume Agricultural Projects Invetments

Technology in Agriculture

Blume owns and manges its own Mejdoul dates farm with focus on recent technological methods and following most recent best practices in Mejdoul farming.

Palmera Dates Agriculture and Trading

Mejdoul Dates to Global Markets

Palmera is a partnership between Al Foah LLC in the United Arab Emirates, Nurai Agriculture and Blume Agricultural in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Palmera has a strategic cooperation with the King Abdullah II Development Fund and Al Haq Establishment to provide an offtake platform for Jordanian Mejdoul dates harvest and export it to 45 countries across the world using Al Foah distribution network while providing free agricultural guidance and support, transparent and fair pricing, increase product quality and create an audit trail and traceability for all farms and harvest rounds from farm to retail shelves while highlighting the authenticity of Jordanian Mejdoul dates


Powerful Collaborations

Our Companies

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Green Watts International

Green Development

Green Watts International is a leading wind and solar development company based out of the United Arab Emirates and has proudly developed the first round 1 wind farm in Al Rajef village south of Jordan with total capacity of 86MW.

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bloom agriculture

Nourishing future

bloom agriculture is a company using state of the art technology in the agricultural business of hydroponics and date farming

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bloom healthcare

Mutual care

bloom is working with international industry leaders on establishing a professional psychiatric hospital and out patient serrvices to cater for the need of drug abuse and rehabilitation services in the MENA region

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bloom energy

Wheeling solutions

bloom energy is building on the success of Green Watts in executing a multiple small scale 1MW to 5MW renewable energy wheeling projects to cater for the needs of commercial and residential consumption on a BOO and BOT basis